Music Production

I offer a number of services including recording for Full Band, Singer-Songwriter, Location recording, voiceover and vocal showreels, demo production and song writing, as well as online mixing & mastering.

For online mixing, send me your raw stems and I will have mixed songs back to you within 14 days. Depending on the size and complexity of your project this time frame could be drastically shorter. 

To maintain sound quality I ask for unedited Raw Stems with a sample rate of 48KHz in 24-bit format.  Other formats are passable, but 48KHz, 24 bit will give you better quality.  You can either post me your files or email them.  Once mixed, I can send you the files via the internet or a physical copy by post.  I will send you mastered files as well as the unmastered mixes (in case you wish to have them mastered elsewhere).  

For pricing and availability message me from the contact page.